There's one word I will use to describe Danni and it's AWESOME!  She has the ability to see the big picture but is not afraid to get involved in the detail.  Her dynamic personality, solution solving capabilities and drive will help any business achieve its goals.

Janice Silver, Finance Manager The Marketing Store

Wonderland was instrumental in working with my team to set up new systems and measures giving myself and my management team the tools we need to ensure we achieve our company and personal goals while creating a solid team culture.  Danni was a critical factor in the success of a company acquisition where we needed to consolidate teams and systems - the final outcome being a solid and successful team ready to go to the next stage of our growth

Marnie Hammond, Managing Director
Cafe Culture Insitu

The difference is Danni's ability to actively listen whilst I unravel my concerns offering input to help me uncover the core or real issue that needs to be addressed.  Empowering me to find a solution, which we then soundboard.  Operationally Danni just gets it.  She can provide an experienced perspective or offer direction for me to apply in similar situations, she provides clarity. Importantly I don't feel like I'm being given a one size fits all answer, but multiple tools that I can take back to the office and utilise.  My career and personal brand has definitely benefited from Danni's mentoring

Kate Cutler, Marketing Manager
Brand Space

We have been working with Danni for 2+ years now and it's hard to believe how much our business has transformed in such a short time.  For creatives such as ourselves, business management was always an after thought, so to put Danni's invaluable skill sets and industry experience into Squad Ink has led to improved efficiency, business growth and financial stability.  For that we are truly grateful. Danni has become an integral part of the Squad Ink team and a true business mentor we have been searching for since first opening our doors.  We look forward to further success

Terry Squadrito, Director
Squad Ink

Over the past 2.5 years Danni has reviewed many of our processes to assist the team to drive efficiency in their deliverables.  She gets involved in the detail to ensure she has a strong understanding of what’s required and then assesses to provide insight to build efficiency into the systems. Danni led the implementation of a new SAS for our payroll management and invoicing. It’s been a 6 month project, Danni has been able to work with the team to identify the issues as they arise and sort solutions, altering surrounding processes to create the best results.  

Danni takes ownership and I feel completely confident that when she’s leading a project that it will be completed as per the brief.  

Danni’s ability to see the big picture but be involved in the detail is what makes her a great fit for the iknowho team. 

Dene Gambotto, Director

Danni added a huge amount of strategic direction, excellent financial acumen and deep understanding of how to run a small business to POPAI whilst she was hired as a consultant for our non profit organisation. Danni's excellent collaborative and communication skills aided in getting the business into good shape for the future. She managed multiple stakeholders with professionalism, energy and demonstrated an extremely quick way of understanding the business drivers within a short amount of time to deliver results. I would highly recommend Danni to any business looking for transformational change or just as a very sound all round business manager

Sarah Nicholls, Chairman of the Board 
POPAI Australia & New Zealand